Cloxxs consultants

Cloxxs is a tool for financial project and program management. With Cloxxs you can:

  • Manage projects, budgets and contracts financially
  • Consolidate projects to programs and drilldown from programs to projects
  • Realtime online reporting for projects and programs
  • Disclose financial information to stakeholders - from project leader tot executive

With Cloxxs you can manage the entire busines scase, both the revenues and the expenses. Cloxxs is a financial project management tool. It is most definitely not an ERP tool. Cloxxs is developed on the foundation of a very sucessful best practice approach for projects. This best practice has been studied extensively and has then been "translated" to the model and the user interface of Cloxxs. Cloxxs is designed as a system that makes financial control easy. De structured and discipled way of working that is required, assures that the quality of the management and reporting will be improved greatly in a short period of time.

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